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Surgery: A Bump on My Roadbut Now the Fun Begins Again!

Sep 30 2015

I haven't written in awhile since my surgery on August 25th.  It was supposed to be outpatient, but became a four- day inpatient experience instead. But it wasn't a life threatening condition and I am grateful to have it behind me.  My husband made an extraordinary nurse when I arrived home. I am getting stronger each day due to great surgeons, and the support of my family and friends.

Traveling back to the Midwest to visit kids and grandkids

Jul 27 2015

Although it is very warm in July in AZ, I am learning that the perception of heat varies throughout the country. While we recently visited WI and MN with daytime temperatures in the low to mid 80's with a soft breeze, the locals whined quite a bit about the heat and humidity.  To me, it felt like a "cold snap." I could actually join relatives for nice mid -day dog walks. What a treat!

One easy resolution for a Happy New Year!

Jan 01 2015

I have an idea for an easy New Year's resolution. Two years ago at the annual IL Association of Marriage and Family Therapists state conference I was privileged to hear Howard Glasser's presentation regarding children and the Nurturing Heart appoach. The most memorable words I left with that day were: Refuse to Energize Negativity.  I like that. Simple. You can catch yourself  if a negative thought should squeeze through your best intentions.

My Memoir Group

Oct 25 2014

This a a fun way to learn more about your friends or newly formed aquaintances. Once a month about six to eight of us in our community gather to share a one or two page essay about ourselves. We meet in each others homes and generally serve coffee/tea and a treat.  Oftentimes someone will make a fuss and serve a family favorite coffee cke, or delightful muffins.  It is up to the hostess, but we try to keep things simple. Our mission in getting together is threefold: to have fun, to get to know each other better and  to improve our writing skills.

Visiting the Grandchildren, Again!

Aug 06 2014

Each time we return to the Midwest to visit our seven grandchildren we are amazed at how they've grown and changed since the last visit and how busy they and their parents are.  How grateful  we are that we  live at a slower pace now!  We watched two boys play soccer, two girls perform at  gymnastics, two kids swim, and one take horseback riding lessons.

Roving Readers

Jun 24 2014

One of the groups I enjoy in my community is an outreach group of our community theater called Roving Readers.  We do dramatic readings at schools, book clubs, libraries and La Loma. The latest endeavor I'm involved with is Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  It is a timeless little book that explores the roles and multiple needs of women. It spans the generations and it seems as true today as when she wrote it. 

Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children

Apr 21 2014
I recently attended a two hour training on the prevention of child sexual abuse sponsored by a national program called Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children. This should be a top priority for parents and grandparents. Go to for more information.

Aqua flex bars and Taquata

Feb 12 2014
Active adults: We have some new tools and improved moves to enhance targeted toning, burn calories and boost metabolism in the water.

My brother and wife to build a home in AZ

Jan 03 2014
How nice it will be to hve some fmily close by in my retirement years! AZ has a  lot to offer as a state.  As we live here, we may begin to take things for granted.  People from other states may illuminate blessings we overlook.

Meet Carol

You might say Carol is constantly on the go. She lives in the West Valley, plays golf, practices yoga, acts in local plays, and volunteers at the Southwest Family Advocacy Center. She loves to travel, and still maintains her license in marriage and family therapy.

For Carol, the key is staying active.

“I think we get old because we stop moving. We don’t stop moving because we get old,” says Carol. Today, Carol teaches a water fitness class and works out for two hours every other day.

“I am rewarded by the stories that come back, the people who say that movement is easier for them now, that they are more flexible or they sleep better at night,” says Carol.

Carol also connects to her community by participating in a neighborhood card group and joining clubs. She misses her family in the Midwest, but encourages others to “take a little risk. Because you need to take a risk if you are going to try something new.”

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