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Welcome to the Lifelong Learning Blog!
Last Post 13 Nov 2014 06:58 PM by Nancy C.. 2 Replies.
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28 Jun 2013 04:23 PM
    Welcome to “Lifelong Learning!” – a discussion forum for the MAG Regional Network for Aging in Place.

    ...... A blog posting by Richard C. Knopf, Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Arizona State Unversity (

    This is our chance to grow as an engaged learning community – to reflect on the joy of abundant living as we move through our third age of living, to share our ideas on living a life of vitality, and to come together in meaningful ways to serve our community.

    Some think of “lifelong learning” as merely taking a set of courses to keep us growing and intellectually alive. This is excellent – and important! Indeed, research has shown that older adults who regularly participate in such courses have better mental and physical health, are more engaged in their community, and have lower levels of depression and other forms of despair.

    But in this forum, let us also think of “lifelong learning” as that “zesty sensation” that life is exciting and full of opportunities to learn, to grow and to give back – whether it be in your household, within your extended family, among your friends, and within your community. There is so much to learn! There is so much to be excited about! And, there are so many ways to serve others!

    So, let us use this forum to share our joy about learning, and how that leads to a more abundant and vital life.

    The topics are many and wide-ranging: Where do we find amazing lifelong learning classes, workshops and lectures here in Maricopa County? How have our lives been transformed as a result of lifelong learning experiences? Through the joy of learning and connecting, what new destinies have we created for our lives? In what ways have we discovered new ways of thinking about things? And, in what ways have we discovered new ways of creating impact? How have we become more fully alive?

    But, as noted above, the notion of lifelong learning is so much bigger than participating in courses, workshops and lectures. So let us talk about that as well. In ways beyond classes, workshops and lectures, how are we engaging in lifelong learning? As older and wiser people, how are we becoming more involved in new and exciting ways in government, public policy, environmental issues, K-12 education, nonprofit organizations, community organizations, faith communities, and even in our own neighborhoods? What tips can you share with others on how to discover new learning pathways that can lead all of us to new forms of serving others?

    Life is exciting, and lifelong learning for we older adults is an essential ingredient to keep it exciting! So, let us share our experiences and help each other grow!

    To begin the discussion, you are invited to read - and reflect upon – two articles that speak to the power of lifelong learning experiences in everyday lives. The first is called “Older and Artful”, and can be easily retrieved by clicking on It contains some local stories of the meaning and joy that older adults have found through lifelong learning experiences here in the Valley.

    The second is called “Participation in Lifelong Learning Institutes – What Turns Members on?”, found by clicking on In this article, we find that from a national perspective, there are four benefits to lifelong learning: intellectual stimulation, experiencing a nurturing and supportive community, enhancing self-esteem, and having opportunities for spiritual renewal. I also want to add a fifth that has been discovered by research: giving back to future generations. As lifelong learning scholar Peter Laslett has put it: “Older people will do all they can to ensure the future is as good as it can be. In this the elderly of any society can be said to be trustees for the future”.

    So, let the forum begin! Please write any thoughts that have come to your mind by reading this introduction. As others chime in, be sure to add your thoughts to what they put on the table as well! That really epitomizes the notion of “growing together as a community” through the joy of learning! That is, after all, the essence of lifelong learning!

    If you are looking for a specific way to begin, consider offering some thoughts on one or more of the following questions:

    1. What does lifelong learning mean to you?

    2. What lifelong learning opportunities have you discovered here in the Valley?

    3. How has your life become more energized and meaningful because of lifelong learning?

    4. What advice do you have for others who might be seeking the same energized life?

    See you in the classroom, and in the community! Keep on Learning, Rick
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    04 Sep 2013 08:24 AM
    I have always been interested in creative writing and travel. When I found that Osher Lifelong Learning through ASU offered a low cost course, Introduction to Travel Writing, with instructor Dan Fellner, I was hooked. The course was 4 weeks and provided the information, to write a travel article, for a newspaper or magazine. Many of my classmates were published in the Arizona Republic. Although I may never become rich or famous, the class gave me an opportunity to learn an new skill and make new friends.
    Nancy C.User is Offline
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    13 Nov 2014 06:58 PM
    Does getting your nursing license here in Glendale, Arizona at the age of 64 after six years of prerequisite college courses count as lifelong learning?!! I am always reinventing myself! I did retire, tried going back to work, but missed the varied activities I was able to do with all my volunteering groups!

    I teach computer - Apple and Windows, so as much as they upgrade, I am always having to learn what's new so that I can teach it to others! I have used computers for over thirty years, so that has been lifelong learning to keep up with that technology!

    My advice is just to find what you like to do and then offer to help do it! Many people ask me how I can stay so busy; my answer is I can't image NOT being busy! I love every day of my "senior" life!
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