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Writing the family cookbook

Feb 19 2015

So, I’m writing a family cookbook. It’s not so much “writing,” really, as it is compiling. Or curating, or editing, or something.

I was given a DIY cookbook kit for Xmas, tho if anybody thinks I’m going to sit there and write out my recipes by hand, then they’ve got another think coming. ;>)  Besides, that method would yield only one copy, and what good would that be when we have so many cooks/aspiring cooks in the family? What I’m going to do, and have already started, is put them all into Word, scan one of the hard-copy pages, and make the recipes fit the binder I’ve got.

There will also be a PDF, so there isn’t just one article to eventually disintegrate, or get lost when some future Custodian of the Book moves.

My husband and I did a brainstorming session the other day, and came up with 77 recipes. There are surely more, as we’ve written down a bunch in pre-computer days on flyleaves and blank pages of old cookbooks, plus there’s my mom’s recipe file if it’s still around somewhere.

I’ve never been one of those cooks who deals in pinches of this and globs of that. I’ve always used measuring spoons and cups. Not sure where that came from – could be it was the way I was taught. Since that was nearly 50 years ago, I do not remember.

Anyway, I’m thru the Beef section. It is amazing to me the details I DO remember! It’s kind of a cool project because I can work on it in fits and starts. The way things are now with my state of broken-ness, I can do one thing a day: either get into the kitchen and cook something easy, OR work on the book. Not both.

At least I can do something constructive while waiting for the body to heal itself.




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Meanwhile back in Yuma, her husband Paul is watching the calendar. In November 2015 he retires from Marine Corps Community Services, where he's been teaching Marines how to fix their cars since 2000.

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