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The aging services crisis – too many jobs, not enough workers statewide

Sep 13 2014

I go to a lot of meetings, and at one meeting yesterday, the discussion turned to finding home health care workers. The jobs these people do range from the simpler tasks such as helping a patient dress or remember to take their medications, all the way up to skilled nursing services. Turns out finding workers to fill these positions is very difficult.

Blogging is back!

Sep 07 2014

These trends, if they are actually trends, seem related. I sense that they both stem from a sense of exhaustion with what I’m calling Big Internet. By Big Internet, I mean the platform- and plantation-based internet, the one centered around giants like Google and Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and Apple. Maybe these companies were insurgents at one point, but now they’re fat and bland and obsessed with expanding or defending their empires. They’ve become the Henry VIIIs of the web. And it’s starting to feel a little gross to be in their presence. Wordyard  People are talking about blogs. Again! And not just random nameless “people” cited in some clueless trend story. Specific people are talking about reviving their actual blogs. In some cases, they are even following through. PressThink Bring back the fun...After this episode — Twitter flirting with a filtered feed — I am feeling that way myself.  Dave Wine ...

Harper's misleads on the RV culture

Aug 28 2014

I’m torn. On one hand, it is nice to see a well-known magazine such as Harper’s taking an interest in the elders of Arizona and other places, particularly the snowbird/RV culture. On the other, it was a real shock to me to see our retirees and elders portrayed in such a negative way.

A guide to last week

Aug 27 2014

I spend a lot of time online, for a variety of reasons. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, like most people, but I also follow a lot of blogs and other news-ish resources. I thought our readers might like a bit of a recap from time to time on the unusual, the fun, and noteworthy stuff I’ve encountered lately. Now, for hard news, I’m going to figure you’ve got your own resources. 

Pennies on the dashboard

Aug 18 2014

Somehow over the summer I lost my Feedly account, probably because I wasn’t spending much time at all online. Now if you don’t know what Feedly is (and not many people do) it’s a blog aggregator. Pretty much what it does is keep track of all your blogs in one place.

Introducing myself

Aug 05 2014

So far, Connect 60+ has been about the Greater Phoenix area. The Maricopa Association of Governments and Amy St. Peter has been reaching out to people and groups all over the state, and so I join you all here as the first Champion from Western AZ.

Meet Trudy

Trudy W. Schuett chairs the Regional Council on Aging for Arizona's Region IV, which includes Yuma, La Paz, and Mohave counties. She is also a member of the Governor's Advisory Council on Aging, and sits on the Board of Directors of Arizona Humanities. She lives in Yuma, but this year spent the summer in Glendale helping out with the grandkids. Carley and Tori are now in third and fourth grade.

Meanwhile back in Yuma, her husband Paul is watching the calendar. In November 2015 he retires from Marine Corps Community Services, where he's been teaching Marines how to fix their cars since 2000.

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The Greater Phoenix Age-Friendly Network is a partnership hosted by the Maricopa Association of Governments, a regional planning agency serving the Greater Phoenix area. We are committed to ensuring every person can live a fulfilled life at any age, connected to family, friends, and community.

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