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Vox gets it wrong on nursing homes

Dec 15 2014

After I saw this piece at Vox I realized that the story they had was only a part of the reality. In this case it was about a young family suddenly finding a need for long-term care after an accident. While it’s true that skilled nursing facilities are expensive and the ways people pay for them tend to be confusing and difficult for all concerned, the presumption that Vox makes in this statement is only partially correct:

What's the basis for this apparent new wave of hate and fear of technology?

I guess it’s fairly well-known that I love technology, and I look forward to new innovations sure to come. Somehow the idea that anybody would be suspicious of the new things already available has flown under my radar. I’ve seen some commentary lately that suggests some are looking at technologies that enable a distant caregiver, or actual robots performing assistance as being a sort of spying or surveillance. SPYING? Really? By whom and for what reason?

90 days of alternative health and self-healing - Week 3

Nov 20 2014

I’ve lost track of the number of books I’ve read and/or skimmed & discarded in the past few months, leading up to and during this 90 day quest. I’ve read at least a dozen, probably two dozen, with topics as varied as 5 Seconds to Perfection to 7 Layers of Reiki Design for your Patio. Yep, I made those titles up, but you get the point. Self-help books abound, and most of them are crap. A lot of times, they only make sense if you know the author personally, and sometimes not even then.

Meet Trudy

Trudy W. Schuett chairs the Regional Council on Aging for Arizona's Region IV, which includes Yuma, La Paz, and Mohave counties. She is also a member of the Governor's Advisory Council on Aging, and sits on the Board of Directors of Arizona Humanities. She lives in Yuma, but this year spent the summer in Glendale helping out with the grandkids. Carley and Tori are now in third and fourth grade.

Meanwhile back in Yuma, her husband Paul is watching the calendar. In November 2015 he retires from Marine Corps Community Services, where he's been teaching Marines how to fix their cars since 2000.

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