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The interview of all interviews... so far

May 26 2015

It’s amazing enough to do what I love: writing about a wide variety of subjects, and helping people around my own community tell their stories. But I will be honest – writing an article on a high-profile public figure is a whole different creature; especially when the public figure is a personal role model.

Ever since I first picked up the guitar and revealed to my wife my newfound hobby (see my first post), I have been fascinated by music – in large part Blues music – thanks to a local jam session I frequent to develop my skills, in which blues is very popular. And when my wife suggested I put my writing experience and passion toward my new passion of music, local music groups and artists quickly became my favorite writing topics.

As I continued to write about Phoenix artists and performers, other opportunities have arisen, where I got the chance to cover, and in some cases directly interview, bigger acts when they came to town. The best example of this was a recent concert by blues-rock icon, Joe Bonamassa. If you don’t know who that is, look him up and listen to his work; you won’t be sorry. I love to listen to his music, particularly live tracks – since he always seems to know how to wow the crowd, and get them all cheering.

When my colleague, a music photographer and fellow musician himself, approached me to ask if I would be interested in working together to cover Bonamassa’s upcoming Phoenix show, I jumped at the opportunity. He has taken pictures of Bonamassa in the past, so when he was able to approach the performer’s manager, it didn’t take long before we set up a time for a phone interview. Bonamassa would call me that Friday afternoon.

So there I sat, in the days before the phone interview, with a blank notepad and a swimming mind. I am about to interview a legend. Where do I even start? What if I make myself sound ridiculous? What if they don’t like the finished article – what will that do for the next time I try to reach out to someone that high-profile?

I had to stop for a few minutes and clear my head. You’ve got this. You have talked to hundreds of people, all of them human just like you. Stay professional, be direct and clear, and you will be golden.

Well, when the time came, I think it went pretty well. I kept a cool head, we had our conversation, I took my notes, and later on, I went to his amazing concert. I wrote up the article, and so far everyone has seemed to enjoy the read.

And who knows, as I keep writing and adding to the clips and my resume, who knows who I may talk to next?


Check out the article I wrote on Joe Bonamassa and his Phoenix concert at!


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Meet Matt Marn

Matt is an experienced journalist living in Surprise, Arizona. He is currently freelancing, reporting on people, organizations, and events that help change the community around us for the better. With his feature style of writing, he shows the deeper side of the story. Matt also writes on local musical performers and groups around Phoenix, thanks in no small part to his newly deepened love for music. Within the last few years, he has picked up the guitar, and moved on to play in jam sessions around the Valley. He uses his growing network of musical connections to help continue to tell the stories of people around the community who have a great story to tell – and in this case, a great song to sing.

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