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Checking in with Riley... and Happy Anniversary

May 18 2015

I know it has been a while since I posted here last, but if my last post was any hint; our newborn has made things a little more interesting around the house. Baby Riley is getting really big; not to mention smiling more and more, which is a change from the serious face she has had most of the time so far. She is sleeping through the night, keeps her food down, and best of all, she loves, LOVES when I sing to her. I truly hope she grows to love music as much as I do.

It has been busy around the house, with more time focused on Riley, and less on work and free time. About a week shy of five months old, she has changed everything. Longer nights, busier prepping to leave the house, more worry for her safety… but we wouldn’t change it for anything.

So you can imagine what a fun day it was when Rachel and I had our three-year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago – our first anniversary with our newest family member. I wanted to do something special for her, kind of from both me and Riley. For one, I borrowed an idea from the never-ending inspirations found on Pinterest, and made it our own. I put the lyrics to our song in a frame, with our initials and a heart with our wedding date placed on top of the lyrics. She really loved it.

That, plus a manicure/pedicure certificate.

I am not sure what I would do, or where I would be, without the love of my life right next to me. Rachel knows who I am, knows all of what I have been through and done, both wrong and right, and stays close to me. She is my partner and best friend. When something good happens, she is the first call I make to celebrate. When the earth crumbles around me, she is my rock and comfort. I wouldn’t trade any of my time with her for anything else in this world. For three years of marriage, it has been a gift to spend each day with you. (Hkof)

But the greatest gift we have now is Riley. Yes, it is a big responsibility. Yes, being a new parent is stressful at times. No, I am not yet a professional at it, with years of patience. But I am working on it. I am really trying, and I would like to think I am getting better as we go. And my wife, well… she is a natural. What a fantastic Mom she will be. And I can’t wait to be there to see her develop in her relationship and love for Riley. And I really can’t wait to see Riley herself develop, grow as a young lady, and start to show us more and more of her personality. It will be a great adventure. I can’t wait.

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  What a beautiful love story.. and baby Riley is the cutest with her bunny ears! Thank you for sharing!
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  Congratulations, and great insight into being a new parent, enjoy!
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