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Going Home...

Oct 18 2014

With my wife and I preparing to welcome our first little one into our waiting arms, we have been pretty busy. From converting our spare room into a nursery for our little girl, to organizing baby showers (one here in Arizona, one back home in Michigan), it has been an exciting ride so far… and we have just begun.

As for me, I am not sure if I am “ready” yet – I just know I am reading up on as much as I can, and I hope I know enough to be a great Dad. I know two things already, though. One: I hear there is no real way to be truly “ready” … that the concern and care I want to show to her is a good start to being a successful parent. And two: in my life, I have had some particularly fantastic teachers.

I have had the great fortune to have a lot of great father figures in my life, starting first and foremost with my own. My own father is a loving, passionate man who does whatever he can for his family. He is always quick to tell my brother and me that he loves us and is proud of us, not to mention the great gentlemen, husbands, and family men we have both become. And he is certain that come January, I will also be a great father.

Rachel and I have just returned to AZ from a week back home in Michigan for our daughter’s baby shower. It was great to see so many friends and family come from far and wide to show their love and support for our soon-to-be family of three. Not to mention, it was good to spend the week with our two families, asking last-minute questions about parenthood – as well as shopping at local kids’ stores for little books and toys.

This trip was the last trip back home to Michigan before our due date, so it was a little more difficult to leave them to return to Phoenix. We will spend our first full holiday season without them. We know they are always with us in spirit, and once the baby arrives, they plan to drop everything and fly out to help – but it will still be tough having Thanksgiving and Christmas without them.

But then, I remember – they are with us. They will always be with us. Because like I said earlier, our parents and family taught us how to turn around and become great parents ourselves. So whenever we show love to our daughter, whenever we hold our daughter and tell her how proud we are of her, whenever later on she scrapes her knee or breaks her heart, we will be there for her. And in those acts of love and support, our parents and family are right there with us.

Because we have had fantastic teachers



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