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October: The Record-A-Day Project

Oct 01 2014

Music is clearly a huge part of my life. I listen to music all the time. I play guitar and sing – often my own original songs. And as a journalist, I find myself writing for a lot of arts and entertainment publications, helping music groups and artists tell their story. Without music, I clearly wouldn’t be where I am today.

Which led me to think about a picture someone took of a list they had made for the month of October. The picture was of an album-a-day list – the author planned to spend time each day listening to a record that spoke to him in a special way. For October 1, he planned to listen to an artist’s debut album. Could be any artist, but it needed to be their debut album. For October 2, he needed to listen to a double-disc album, one with two LPs.

The list went on. For the 31 days of October, he had written a prompt or idea to drive him to his record collection (or to find a new album to add), and find the perfect fit for the day: a boxed set, a compilation, an album bought just for the cover, his most valuable album, cassette tape Tuesday… and so on.

This list inspired me to take it and make it my own. I looked at the ideas for some dates and kept the original idea, but for others I added my own style and ideas. I looked up special days/celebrations for the month of October, and wove a few of these into my original ideas. For example, October 4 is Poetry Day, so I plan to dedicate that day’s record to a great singer/songwriter I admire. October 16 is Conflict Resolution Day, so of course, I chose to play “Let It Be” by the Beatles. October 26 is Howl at the Moon Day, so I will be listening to blues legend, Howlin’ Wolf.

But my points, and my questions to you, are: What would you choose as album ideas to try to find? What would you choose for your album to hear for the day? What music inspires you, and why? What role has music played in your life? The answers to these just may surprise you… but either way, you will be listening to great music, so your day will be better off.


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  Hi Matt, so, I have one of those old time record-player, console type things.... I'm not even sure what it's called - but I love it! It has the built in record player and radio, and the wood that it's built from is absolutely beautiful. It belonged to a co-worker's mother who had passed away. I loved the idea of listening to old records and that's how I ended up with it. Well, about two years ago, I stopped at a garage sale and the family was selling a couple of boxes of records for about $25. We got to talking about my record player and how I loved listening to Bing Crosby records around Christmas time near the fire place (we were in Oregon at the time). Long story short... he sold me the records for less than $10, which was all I had with me. I've listened to a few of the records - a beautiful collection of Mozart and other classical albums. Some of the records look practically new and are in perfect condition. I love listening to classical music, especially on an old fashioned record player. So, this week-end, I'll leave the TV off, and pull out a few more of those albums to enjoy! Thanks for sharing your story :)
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Trudy W. Schuett
  I like to do semi-random Youtube searches. I'll look up a song I've heard or thought about lately, and check out the related ones down the side. I don't know how they determine a relation, but I've seen some that are, and some that don't seem to belong at all. But it's fun to follow the links and check out what's there, related or not.
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