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New Shoes... January 2015!!

Sep 07 2014

New Shoes... January 2015!

I glance over to my wife, catching a quick nap on the couch; so peaceful, so calm –and all that is about to change.

When I woke up one day in April, Rachel gave me news that changed our lives forever. We were expecting. I gave her a huge hug, and we have been nothing but thrilled ever since.

We were hesitant to tell everyone right away, but when we did, we did tell our parents in a very special way. We sent a card to each of our mothers, both in Michigan, with specific instructions on the envelope to not open it before Mothers’ Day. When we were ready the day before, when we knew they had both arrived, we started a web chat session with both sets of parents. When we could see them, we told them now it was okay, you can open the envelope. When each mother opened the envelope, they were greeted by a giant word scrawled across the card: “Happy Mothers’ Day, GRANDMA!”

The parents were all so excited. Her mom started crying right away. Especially when they saw the photo we had sent along with the card.


Since then, we have revealed our news to everyone, and everyone seems overjoyed for us. Everyone had lots of advice, lots of support, and LOTS of clothes and fun stuff already for our little one. Especially since we revealed what we were having…

So here we are, preparing our other room with a crib and nursery things for our little girl. We won’t reveal our name ideas yet for our daughter – wow, that has a wonderful ring to it – but once she arrives, everyone will get to see her.

So, like I said, I smile as I look down at her, sleeping quietly. Because soon, “sleep” and “quiet” may be harder to come by. But we can’t wait.

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  Awww.. I'm so excited for you both! THANK YOU for sharing such special and precious news with all of us!
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Dr. Janice
  Congratulations to a fellow Champion and wife! What great news this is and may you be happy and blessed! Dr. Janice
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