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May 31 2015

                  My Golden Retriever named Toby has become a central figure in my life.  He has become my true and faithful companion.  He's such a good dog!!  Not that he's completely perfect.  He's been around humans enough to have developed some human-type deviousness.  One example has to do with earning treats for being a good dog.  When he was a puppy, and being house-trained, I would reward him with a doggy-treat each time he was a good dog and did his business out in the yard.  I still carry treats in my pocket for rewarding him like this, even though he is completely house-broken.  Two or three times a day, Toby and I will go out in the back yard, and I will spend some quiet time in my chair on the patio, while Toby patrols the back yard, sniffing anything worth sniffing.  When he pauses for a moment to poop or to pee (pardon the vulgarity), he will immediately turn around and head for me with a meaningful trot, licking his lips because he knows he will get a treat out of my hand.  Now comes the devious part.  After he gets his treat, he will resume his patrol of the back yard, and then very often will disappear out of sight into a the corner of the back yard where I can't see him; and right after this he will reappear, heading for me with that meaningful trot and licking his lips and nuzzling my hand for another treat - even though he didn't do a thing while out of sight (I know because I have peeked on him).

                    Nevertheless, I give him the second treat (as a reward for his resourcefulness).

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Meet Frank

Frank was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1920. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, and a Juris Doctor Degree from DePaul University School of Law, Chicago. After serving in the United States Navy during World War II, he has worked  as an intellectual property attorney for the same firm for over 65 years.

After retiring in 1985, he has continued as a legal consultant for the company and has developed a second career, specializing in computer databases. He still donates his time at the Law Department and devotes considerable time and effort doing volunteer work on databases for the Research Library of the Phoenix Art Museum.

“My activities for the Law Department and for the Phoenix Art Museum keep me busy for most of my time and, in my mind, are responsible in large part for being able to stay healthy and live life to the fullest since my retirement in 1985.”

But that is not all that Frank does with his days. He, along with his co-author and friend Dan, published a book about Dan’s days as a solider during the campaign through Northern Europe during the WWII. In addition, more recently, Frank has written a new book named “TOBY-(He’s My Dog)”, which has been published and is available on-line from

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