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Grandchildren and Summertime Fun

Apr 26 2015

As another school year begins to wrap up I get to hear about the plans our seven grandchildren are making for summer fun.

I just received a text from one of the five year olds with a photo of his latest summer haircut, already for swimming and soccer. The three year old is already starting t-ball and making birdhouses with his  Missouri  grandfather who lives nearby. One of the nine year olds just had her braces removed and sent us her new photo smiling ear to ear! One of our younger ones is graduating from preschool in May, and yes, there will be a big ceremony. We are proud of his early accomplishment in education. And so the new stories go.

I am struck by the comparison of these stories to the ones involving children at the Southwest Family Advocacy Center. I was lucky enough to meet two beautiful children this week, a young girl first and later a little boy. I was able to offer refreshments, stuffed animals and other toys after they completed their forensic interviews. I wish I could offer them a summer free of fear and worry! How sad that these innocent little children, ages 9 and 6, had to be there in the first place.  But also how good it is that we have a safe place for them to come and share their stories of confusion, hurt and pain to professional adults who care and are empowered to act on their behalf.  I hope they will also have plentiful good stories and memories this summer, and not just sad ones. As we read on some AZ license plates: It should never hurt to be a child!

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Meet Carol

You might say Carol is constantly on the go. She lives in the West Valley, plays golf, practices yoga, acts in local plays, and volunteers at the Southwest Family Advocacy Center. She loves to travel, and still maintains her license in marriage and family therapy.

For Carol, the key is staying active.

“I think we get old because we stop moving. We don’t stop moving because we get old,” says Carol. Today, Carol teaches a water fitness class and works out for two hours every other day.

“I am rewarded by the stories that come back, the people who say that movement is easier for them now, that they are more flexible or they sleep better at night,” says Carol.

Carol also connects to her community by participating in a neighborhood card group and joining clubs. She misses her family in the Midwest, but encourages others to “take a little risk. Because you need to take a risk if you are going to try something new.”

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