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Visiting the Grandchildren, Again!

Aug 06 2014

Each time we return to the Midwest to visit our seven grandchildren we are amazed at how they've grown and changed since the last visit and how busy they and their parents are.  How grateful  we are that we  live at a slower pace now!  We watched two boys play soccer, two girls perform at  gymnastics, two kids swim, and one take horseback riding lessons.

We also love to laugh at what they tell us when their parents aren't around.  One four-year-old grandson let me know, as he gently held my hand in his car seat in the back of the car, that we weren't really his grandparents, just "old people" who came to visit him. (His other set of grandparents, the "real ones", see him regularly and live a mile away from his home.) Now his parents did try to alter this incorrect idea  when they returned.

One granddaughter saw an ad on TV about a facelift and  suggested that this could be something that could help me and I might want to check out!

When you become a grandparent it is vital that you keep a good sense of humor!


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  Carol, I loved reading about your visit with the grandchildren! Priceless! My five year old grandson started kindergarten, only it wasn't him I was worried about.. it was his mom. Both she and my other daughter were standing in the school hallway crying as my grandson walked into the classroom and the teacher shut the door :o) Of course he is loving being in school and feeling all grown up!
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Meet Carol

You might say Carol is constantly on the go. She lives in the West Valley, plays golf, practices yoga, acts in local plays, and volunteers at the Southwest Family Advocacy Center. She loves to travel, and still maintains her license in marriage and family therapy.

For Carol, the key is staying active.

“I think we get old because we stop moving. We don’t stop moving because we get old,” says Carol. Today, Carol teaches a water fitness class and works out for two hours every other day.

“I am rewarded by the stories that come back, the people who say that movement is easier for them now, that they are more flexible or they sleep better at night,” says Carol.

Carol also connects to her community by participating in a neighborhood card group and joining clubs. She misses her family in the Midwest, but encourages others to “take a little risk. Because you need to take a risk if you are going to try something new.”

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