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My brother and wife to build a home in AZ

Jan 03 2014

I have no valid excuse for not submitting a blog for such a long time.  It is a tired refrain to say I was too busy.  So my New Year's Resolution is to be better disciplined about my blog. Our Christmas/ New Year's holidays were made ever more exciting this year since my brother and wife have decided to build a home in our active adult community.

No state is perfect, but they have seen the advantages of having no active hurricane season. I had to agree.  They  sold their home in FL and are loooking forward to moving here this summer.  I think they will appreciate the low humidity and fewer bugs.  We have to teach them about scorpions, but overall, we don't have a huge "bug" problem. Our exterminator helps keep pests away when he visits monthly.

They love our rocks.  We visited the Boulders while they were here, and were very impressed by the massive rock formations.  The also love our cactus and succulents. We talked to them about the advantages of xeriscaping. We all enjoyed the luminarias at our PHX Desert Botanical Garden, along with a fabulous Chihuly exhibit and talented muscians which created an enchanted evening.

And yes, they also loved the cuisine of AZ.  It is as varied as our state's distinct climates and ecosystems.  There are so many good things to enjoy about our state.  Let's all resolve to sample some of them in 2014 and appreciate the many blessings bestowed upon us from our Creator each day!

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Rachel  Carol, this sounds like a wonderful start to a new year! It also reminded me that I need to take time to enjoy all that AZ has to offer - especially now when the weather is so beautiful! I think most of us have something that we can be "better disciplined" about .... mine is getting to the gym! :-)
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Amy St Peter
Amy St Peter  Congrats on getting your brother and his wife to move here. I wish I could get my parents to do the same. They love Arizona but are so afraid of the summer heat. How did you get your brother and sister in law past that?
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Melodie  Sometime, I think of my life on earth as a vacation to another country. If I was going to Italy, I would plan out everything I would want to see... plan my time... check the train schedules... hit all the must see spots. That is how I see my time here in Arizona. I have to learn everything there is to know... flora, fauna, history, cultures... I just enjoy it all. Thanks for sharing...
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sraquababe  Amy, My brother and wife are used to FL heat and humidity. AZ offers lots of heat in the summer, but lower humidity. That was attractive to them. It is a great time to travel to cooler climates in the summer if you need some relief. When retired, they'll be able to travel more often. Carol
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